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Varied and fun programs that instilling a better management of emotions while developing creativity and sociability

Playful and diverses neuro-sensory activities such as fun games, individual discovery exercises, group activities, creative achievements, outdoor challenges, meditation exercises to allow children to strengthen their resources such as

For all children form 9 to 19

Ratio of 2 highly specialized multilingual professionals per 8 children with international background

Parent can experience our program and have fun togethe

We organize our workshop in your home for your child and their friends!

Choose the programs that fits your child’s need and desire as well as your lifestyle


Select your course according to the desires and needs of
your children! They will learn :

  • To know themselves better and to discover their
    strength and their superhero powers which will lead
    them to feel a self-confidence and a reinforced serenity
  • To master several fun tools to better manage their
    emotions independently.

Workshop Knowledge I

Educatif ) – Enfant – (Stress, Anxiete) (Pilot no1: Ritual & Nature ½ day)

I learn to know myself, to identify my behaviors, my
emotions and how stress acts in my body.
I discover my strong points and I learn exercises to
channel myself in an autonomous way.

Workshop Overtaking I

2 Educational) - Child (Fear)

I learn to challenge myself by being aware of
my strength and vulnerability, like a superhero. I am
challenged and challenged in a playful way, with
camaraderie and respect for each other

Workshop Movements & Resilience I

3 Educatif Pilot 2) – Enfant & Parents

With my mom or dad, we experiment with
triggers and identify solutions to better understand and
connect with each other through group exercises and
individual activities.


Select your course according to the desires and needs of
your children! They will learn :

  • Discover their inner strength and better channel excess
    energy and shyness
  • To experience various creative and sensory challenges in
    play and camaraderie while mobilizing and
    strengthening their own resources and confidence. independently.

Workshop Movements and Resilience II

3 Integrative) Children & Parents (Kintsugi or Video, Nature)

With my mom or dad, we discover and experiment with
our respective feelings by playing out situations and
doing distinct creative exercises in a spirit of caring and
sharing to bring us closer together and better
understand our needs

Workshop Overtaking II

2 Integrative) - Child (Fear) - (Dog or Theatre, Nature)

I transform and overcome my emotions in group and
personal challenges. I accept my emotions and my
feelings in a benevolent way thanks to the staging and
the animals. I transform my feelings and gain
confidence in myself.

Workshop Knowledge II

Intégratif) - Enfant (Stress, Anxiete) (Rituels, Vidéo & Nature)

I learn to recognize and channel my power and use my
new knowledge by acting in a mini movie where I am
the superhero. I play as a team and take care of my
worries by taking control of my emotions.


Jue, 2022

Weekend Workshop Knowledge I

7 Rue Larcher
1202 Geneva


Jue, 2022

Holiday Workshop Overtaking II

7 Rue Larcher
1202 Geneva


Jue, 2022

Holiday Workshop Movements & Resilience II

7 Rue Larcher
1202 Geneva

What our members have to say



Really, thank you very much, I
really don’t want to stop. I liked everything. A
big thank you!



I have preferred two activities
particularly because I find it beautiful, and it
brings back nice memories and also because
we go find the source of stress deep down.

Lucy V.,


My favorite activity is the reset because
frankly, it does feel good. This day made me
feel a lot better. Now I feel free!

Shalini J,


I love that tool are being provided to the
kids to cope. The trick is to get the parents and
the kids to be consistent.


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